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The people of our company, having many years of experience in the field of real estate, have realized the needs of modern society and with the principles of professionalism and quality that apply to us, we have developed an innovative real estate service capable of serving clients from Greece or abroad.

We hold a portfolio of properties mainly in Hydra island, but also in certain selected regions in Greece.

Our commitment is to propose and promote properties for sale or rent, in a valid and prompt way, for any type of property

We also commit to undertake the responsibility of finding suitable properties in order to cover your investment or accommodation needs, assisting you from the first till the last moment, trying to utilise your investment capital in the best and most efficient manner.

The company Real Hydra, having the know-how of the property market, comprises of a team of experienced real estate professionals, economists, engineers, lawyers, notary members and technicians who will guarantee the provision of a successful service.

What Our Costumers Have Said…

Your professionalism is exemplary, you prove in practice that the broker is not someone who simply contacts an interested buyer with an interested seller and then just waits to receive the broker when the transaction is completed. On the contrary, you are constantly assisting during the negotiations, reasserting unjustified concerns, extinguishing “fires” at an early stage, and reaching out to take care of the property and the buyer even after signing (as now, by transferring accounts or sharing accounts). on the subject of rubbish).

Pericles G. Giannopoulos

Lawyer, Law Office of G. Giannopoulos & Associates

Dear Popi,

Upon completion of the sale of my residence in Hydra, I feel obliged to thank you in writing for our excellent cooperation.
You are a rare professional in a country that still has a lot to learn about professionalism.

I am grateful to you, not only for your willingness to help whenever this was necessary – even beyond your mediatorial obligations, but also for your positive spirit that is salvageable in a sale that is often a mental test for both parts.

You know how to move diplomatically, always discreetly, but always generous.

Natassa A.....

I would like to thank you for our excellent cooperation and praise you, because without your catalytic intervention, whenever and wherever needed, this demanding transaction would not have been completed.

I congratulate you on your work and thank you for our excellent cooperation – I hope and I am sure that it will continue in time.

The beginnings of a new real estate website… very exciting!
Penelope,you have all of the personal qualities and good contacts to make it a big success!

Best regards

Scott & Ping

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Penelope Lampropoulou
Real Estate Agency
Hydra Island, 18040 Greece
mobile: + 30 6932956045
e-mail : info@realhydra.com
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